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The Utilities Department is responsible for utility billing, as well as maintaining the town water lines, flushing them regularly. Please contact us if you have a question or issue regarding your water or utility bill!

Our team has three operators working staggered shifts over a 4-day work week. While our team is small, we have at least one person working every day of the week. Our billing department operates Tuesday through Friday, from 6am to 4pm.

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Water Plant - (303) 258-7985
Utility Billing - (303) 258-3266 ext. 4010

Barker Reservoir during Mid Summer

Cloudy Water Header

Cloudy water, also known as white water, is completely harmless. It is caused by tin oxygen (air) bubbles in the water. The bubbles create a cloudy appearance as water is drawn from the tap.

Cloudy water is most common in the winter because cold water can hold more oxygen. As cold water warms up during its travel to the tap, the bubbles come out of solution, creating a cloudy appearance.

Water pressure can also cause cloudy water, as water under pressure holds more air. When pressurized water comes out of the tap, the water is no longer under pressure and the air bubbles come out of solution, creating a cloudy appearance.

Cloudy Water vs. Non-Cloudy Water
How do I get rid of cloudy water?

Let a glass of water clear up on its own. Air bubbles in the water will rise to the top of the glass and into the air.

Cloudy water is safe to drink!

For more information, please visit or Contact Us directly.

Water Meter Locations

Water meters are typically located inside the building in a crawlspace/basement, in a utility closet near the hot water heater, or under the kitchen sink.

Water Meter Readings

Water meter readings are remotely sent from a water meter reader installed on the outside of the building or near the water meter. The reader sends the water meter read through a fixed network around town to a localized collector. The reader also monitors for excessive water use (that could be caused by a leak) and reports leak codes.

Maintain Access to Water Meters and Transmitters

As part of the town code, all customers are responsible for maintaining the water meter and water meter reader, as well as clear access to the equipment for maintenance or repairs. Refer to Chapter 13 of the municipal code for more information.

Water Meter Warranty Water Meter Ready Warranty

Once a year, Public Works released a Consumer Confidence Report, going over general changes in the town's drinking water. This includes any changes that may have occurred over the year, detailing samples and the various levels of minerals that can be found in the water supply. These reports are released for the previous calendar year (i.e. the 2021 report covers calendar year 2020)

2023 Report 2022 Report 2021 Report 2020 Report 2019 Report 2018 Report 2017 Report

2016 Report 2015 Report 2014 Report 2013 Report 2012 Report 2011 Report

The Town Fee Schedule, enacted each year by the Board of Trustees, governs the charging of fees. These amounts can change from year to year, so please check the town fee schedule or application before writing a check.

Nederland water rates are also set each year by the Board of Trustees. Residents are billed quarterly and businesses are billed monthly for water.

More information about utility bills, including how to pay your water bill, can be found on the Utility Billing Page.

    Water rates are calculated annually, based on at least 3 years of historical costs; current costs and projected costs as well as historical, current and projected customer usage. Our rate model program then calculates the rates based on our need as an enterprise to cover the costs of operations, annual debt payments as well as a reserve to repair or upgrade our existing water mains. The rates are approved by the Board of Trustees.

    A full list of Water and Sewer rates, as well as an in-depth look at how those rates are calculated, can be found on the Water and Sewer Rates Page.