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For many of us, life in the mountains means peace, quiet, and solitude. However, there are times when communication is vital. To help facilitate better communication between the town and its residents, we have set up two ways of sending out alerts.

Everbridge is the emergency alert system for Boulder county, which will alert residents in case of danger, or for Nederland to send out alerts regarding utility or road issues.

Please contact us with any questions you have about either system.



Boulder County Sheriff Badge

Everbridge is an Emergency Alert System Information that will send messages and reverse phone calls to anyone signed up in the unincorporated areas of Boulder County, including all municipalities, portions of Erie and Longmont, extending outside of the Boulder County line. Non-Boulder County individuals are strongly encouraged to register with their County emergency alert system.

If you have a landline from Century Link or VOIP phone from Xfinity/Comcast, your number is automatically updated in the Everbridge system. It is suggested that you create an opt-in profile that contains your mobile device information. When creating your account, consider entering the addresses for your home, work, child's school, loved ones, etc.You can choose to receive voice calls, text messages, TTY/TDD, emails, or faxes.

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