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Short Term Rental Licenses


UPDATE: During their May 7th meeting, the Board of Trustees approved an extension of the current moratorium, with an end date of August 6th, 2024.
On October 3rd, The Board of Trustees approved Ordinance 849, placing a six-month moratorium on the approval of all new STR application licenses while the Planning Commission reviews current STR code, to provide recommendations to the BOT.
Questions regarding STRs or the moratorium can be directed to the Nederland Town Clerk.

Since 2016, the Board of Trustees and other Town Boards have participated in discussions related to short-term rentals and adopted ordinances with an eye towards fairness and preserving the residential character of Nederland, as well  as preserving long-term housing stock for residents.

If you are interested in renting out your property within Town as a short-term rental, make sure to read through our policies and procedures before filling out the Short-Term Rental Application.

The Town Clerk handles the regulation of short-term rentals. The Town Clerk and Deputy Town Clerk are available to answer any questions. If you have any questions about the short-term rental process, please Contact Us, or stop by Town Hall during business hours for assistance.


Short-Term Rental License Types

Currently, there are two different types of short-term rental licenses available. It is unlawful to operate and/or advertise a short-term rental in the Town of Nederland without a license. A person can only be issued one type of license, so be sure to pick the license that fits your needs:

Primary Residence

A licensed premise with a host present may be rented as a short-term rental for an unlimited number of days during the calendar year. A licensed premise with no host present shall not be rented more than 180 days per calendar year.

A primary residence is established by the person's actual physical occupancy of the domicile and as demonstrated by at least the follow documentation:

  • Driver's License or Colorado state identification cared: and
  • Voter registration, motor vehicle registration, or designated residence for income tax purposes.
  • An affidavit of primary residence must also be completed by owners seeking a primary residence license

Class C - Non-Primary Resident in Certain Zoning Districts

A person who owns a dwelling unit in the zoning districts of Central Business District (CBD), General Commercial (GC), or Industrial (I) may apply for a Class C license to operate a short-term rental. Please refer to the Town Zoning Map to see what zoning district your property is in.

A premise with a Class C license may be rented as a short-term rental for an unlimited number of days during the calendar year.

Application Requirements

Applicants for a short-term rental license must submit a completed application to the Town Clerk. A short-term rental license is valid for a term of 1 year and expires at the end of the calendar quarter during which the original license was issued.

The following documents must be submitted with the application in order to be considered for licensure:

  • Documentation that the applicant has lawful possession of the licensed premises as can be demonstrated by the deed or lease agreement on the property.
  • Completed Primary Residence Affidavit - for Primary Residence Licenses only.
  • Proof of liability insurance sufficient to compensate renters for injuries that may be sustained in the dwelling unit proposed to be rented within the coverage limits as determined by the Town Clerk.
  • A signed and completed Short-Term Rental Self-Inspection Form.
  • An acknowledgement that the licensed premises of the dwelling unit may be subject to a request for a pre-arranged inspection shall, in the discretion of the Town Clerk, result in a suspension of the short-term rental license.

The licensee shall be responsible for renewing the license each year. A license will not be renewed however if the property has been the subject to a nuisance violation conviction or plea of guilty or no contest.

Short-Term Lodging Occupation Tax

Section 4-153 of the Nederland Municipal Code imposes a tax on any person that furnishes any hotel room, motel room, short-term rental, or other similar accommodation ("lodging") for a period of less than thirty (30) days within the Town in the amount of four dollars ($4.00) per day per defined bedroom in the home.

Every person who furnishes lodging subject to the Occupation Tax shall remit such tax quarterly, on or before the last business days of the month of March, June, September, and December for lodging provided in the previous quarter:

  • Q1 (January, February, March) - Taxes due end of June
  • Q2 (April, May, June) - Taxes due end of September
  • Q3 (July, August, September) - Taxes d end of December
  • Q4 (October, November, December) - Taxes due end of March

Every person shall submit payment of taxes with the following Remittance Form.

  Occupation Tax Remittance Form (Updated 2023)

This Lodging Occupation Tax Worksheet can also be helpful in calculating the Occupation Tax for a quarter:

  Lodging Occupation Tax Workseet