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Code Enforcement

Nederland Code Enforcement is handled by SAFEbuilt. The motivation for contracting SAFEbuilt is largely due to a lack of personnel and resources for in-house enforcement.

In the past, code enforcement was managed by the Nederland Police Department, which not only created a punitive impression of code enforcement but also directed police attention and resources away from more important public safety issues. Furthermore, it is more cost-efficient to use a professional firm on a contracted basis than to employ an individual in a full-time position. Using an outside third-party also provides greater objectivity, negating the risk of personal bias when it comes to enforcement, and ensures that no special favors or personal relationships between the code enforcement officer and residents undermine the process.

SAFEbuilt serves communities nationwide, but is based locally in Loveland, Colorado.




 What authority does Safebuilt have?

SAFEbuilt’s authority extends to the issuing of citations for municipal code violations and eventually court summons. SAFEbuilt does NOT have any power to levy fines or any other such penalties. Only the Town judge has the ability to determine penalties for code violations. As such, any reference to a “SAFEbuilt fine” is erroneous.

How are citations generated?

The code official issues citations based on resident-filed complaints AND based on their own observations. There has been some confusion on how citations are determined. It should be understood that the code official only issues citations based on what is contained in the Town code. Therefore, they will not be issuing summons for things such as long grass or cracked windshields, as these are not regulated under Town code. Prior use of the term “lawn care” refers to unkempt piles of garbage and refuse in a resident’s lawn and not the condition of their grass.

 Why has SAFEbuilt issued citations for vehicles?

There has been some contention regarding citations issued for inoperable vehicles. Early on in our contract, the code official did issue citations for inoperable vehicles; however, the Town code regarding inoperable vehicles was revised and updated by the Board of Trustees.

It is the Town’s hope that this response has provided some clarification on the service being provided by SAFEbuilt. We thank residents for sharing their concerns and ask that residents continue to share any additional concerns or inquiries that arise in the future.

Can I talk with the Code Official?

Yes. The code official does exercise an “open door policy” and is happy to address resident concerns directly.

You can contact code official Jake Cooke via email. As such, the most expedient means of having concerns addressed may be by contacting Town Hall at (303) 258-3266.


Report a Code Complaint


To report a code complaint, call Town Hall at (303) 258-3266 ext. 1040 or contact SAFEbuilt Code Enforcement Official Jake Cooke by calling (970) 302-0392. You can also report a code complaint online by using the form on our Report an Issue Page.

  Report a Code Complaint