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Liquor Licenses


Under state law, it is a privilege, not a right, to hold a liquor license in the Town of Nederland and the State of Colorado. The Colorado Legislature has determined that the issuance and supervision of liquor licenses shall be closely regulated. In Colorado, liquor licenses must be reviewed and issued by both the State and the municipality. No one can obtain a liquor license without review by both jurisdictions.

The Board of Trustees of the Town of Nederland, Colorado, is the "Local Licensing Authority" for all licenses issued within the Town of Nederland, and is thus charged with carrying out these State-delegated duties. The liquor licensing procedures are designed to promote the efficient, prompt and responsible performance of these important duties by the Board of Trustees. General information and forms may also be obtained from the Colorado Division of Liquor Enforcement at


New Liquor License Application Checklist

Obtaining a new liquor license will typically take three to four months. The steps to obtaining your liquor license are outlined below. Nearly all these rules are set by state law and regulation.

  • Download the Liquor License Application packet/materials on this page, or obtain a physical copy at Town Hall.
    • Applicant may wish to schedule an appointment with the Town Clerk to review application requirements beforehand)
  • Have fingerprints taken and return to Town Clerk.
  • Make appointment with Town Clerk to review application for completeness.
  • Submit the completed application along with appropriate fees to Town Clerk.
  • Town Clerk sets a public hearing date, and beings processing memorandums to investigating agencies.
  • Notice of Public Hearing is posted on the property - must be posted at least 10 days prior to the Hearing.
    • Applicant to gather evidence in support of license issuance to be presented at Public Hearing.
      • Applicant may wish to gather petition signatures - a sample petition is included with the application packet.
    • Applicant must attend the Public Hearing to present evidence and give testimony in support of their application.
  • If approved at the meeting, the Mayor and Town Clerk sign documents and mail to the State Department of Revenue along with appropriate State Fees.

A complete list of steps can be found in the application packet.

Special Event Liquor Permit Requirements

A Special Event Liquor Permit authorizes the sale of alcohol beverages by the drink to the public. There are two types of Special Event Permits; one allows sale of malt, vinous, and spirituous liquor, the other allows only the sale of 3.2% beer.

Those who qualify for Special Event Permits may not currently have a liquor license and must be one of the following:

  • Organizations that are not-for-profit and have been incorporated pursuant to Colorado law for purposes of a social, fraternal, patriotic, political, or athletic nature.
  • A regularly chartered branch, lodge or chapter of a national organization or society organized for such purposes, which is non-profit.
  • An organization that is a regularly established religious or philanthropic institution.
  • A political candidate who has filed the necessary reports with the Colorado Secretary of State or local election official.
  • A municipality owning arts facilities at which productions of an artistic or cultural nature are held.

The applicant must submit the following documents to the Town Clerk’s Office at least 45 days prior to the event: