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Other Licenses & Permits

Here, you will find any permits that don't fit in any other category. If you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Chicken Hen Permit Application

Looking to raise chickens? While there's no permit fee for keeping chickens, all residents intending to do so must first fill out the permit application below. Along with the permit, you will also need:

  1. A site plan of the chicken hen coop and chicken run, clearly showing the dimensions and location of existing or proposed buildings or other structures on the lot, the location of abutting property lines, and the location of public right-of-way on or adjacent to the property.
  2. Elevation drawings of the proposed coop and yard, clearly showing the dimensions of the proposed coop.
  3. Written waste management plan for disposal of manure and other waste.
  4. Any additional information that the applicant feels may support the request.

Please read through the Chicken Coop Regulations on the first page of the application as well, as it contains important information about raising chickens within the Town of Nederland. Once the application is filled out, Please submit it to Town Hall.

Chicken Hen Permit Application

Banner Permit Application

Looking to hang a banner on Town property? Please fill out the following application and return it to Town Hall. There is no fee involved with hanging a banner.

Things to Note:

  • Special Event Signs, Banners, and Decorations may be permitted for holidays, grand openings, or similar occasions
  • Banners shall be allowed to be displayed 30 days from the date of installation and must be taken down within 1 week after the event

Please make sure to read through the entire application, and fill out the Release and indemnification agreement on pages 2 & 3:

Banner Permit Application