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Planning Commission

Planning Commission

Mission Statement

The Planning Commission is an appointed board that reviews developments and land use codes. Board members must be legal residents of the Town of Nederland and serve for a 4-year-term.

The Planning Commission is created for the following purposes (NMC Sec. 2-272):

  1. To prepare and maintain, subject to periodic revision as necessary, a Master Plan as described by state statutes.
  2. To implement the provisions of Chapters 16 and 17 of this Code, and to perform all functions and powers referred to in said chapters where reference is made.
  3. To study and recommend to the Board of Trustees amendments to the Zoning Map of the Town.
  4. To study and recommend appropriate zoning classifications for all annexations to the Town.
  5. To exchange information with the various governmental agencies charged with planning and zoning responsibilities and with the Board of Zoning Adjustment of the Town.
  6. To have all other duties and powers incidental to the above and any and all powers and duties set out by state statute, except that nothing herein shall permit the Planning Commission to make amendments to changes in the zoning of the Town, such powers expressly being reserved by the Board of Trustees.

Meeting Details

The Planning Commission meets on the fourth Wednesday of the Month. A list of upcoming Planning Commission meetings can be found in the calendar below. To join a meeting, simply click the date of the meeting you wish to join, and then click the Website link to join the meeting remotely. You can also call in by using the phone number.


Planning Commission Members


Steve Williams

Term ends June 2025

Vice Chairman

Jim Reis

Term ends June 2026


Roger Cornell

Term ends June 2026


Michael Dye

Term ends
June 2026


Christopher Rivera

Term ends
June 2026


Linda Glasser

Term ends
June 2023


Stephanie Herring

Term ends June 2023


Timmy Duggan

Term ends June 2025

Trustee Liaison

Tom Mahowald

Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Recordings

All current and past Planning Commission agendas, minutes, and documents can be found on the Town of Nederland CivicWeb page. To access the Planning Commission page, click the button below. Past Planning Commission Meetings can be found on the Town of Nederland YouTube page. *NOTE* Not all Planning Commission meetings are recorded.

   Go to the Planning Commission CivicWeb Page    Go to the Planning Commission YouTube Playlist

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