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Nederland Police Department - January Update

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Wednesday, January 4th, 2023, 4:02pm

Here's an update on the current status of the Nederland Police Department. Our goal is to do regular updates as things change and keep the community involved as we continue to move forward in the hiring process.

Q: What is the status of rebuilding the police department?

  • Daniel Gledhill has accepted the Town Marshal position. His first day will be January 17, 2023.

Q: What police coverage do we currently have?

  • When available, BCSO is providing coverage through extra duty daytime officers.  BCSO responds to all priority 1 calls even when a patrol officer is not assigned to Nederland.  We continue to have BCSO coverage at night according to the Intergovernmental Agreement for Law Enforcement Services. 

Q: What is being done to recruit officers?

  • Recruitment efforts have now shifted to the Sergeant and Police Officer roles. We have candidates in various places in the applicant process, which includes a background check, psychological assessment, physical, and oral boards.
  • Town recently visited a police academy to meet with cadets who will be graduating in May 2022.
  • Town is also planning to attend a law enforcement recruitment event in January 2023. 

Q: What does a background check for law enforcement applicants consistent of?

  • It is a very time and labor-intensive process (2-3 weeks typically), requiring the collection of a variety of official documents, contacts with relatives, friends, employers and many others, and checks of almost every aspect of an applicant’s personal history.

Q: What other assessments do law enforcement applicants have to complete?

  • Psychological evaluation and physical.

Q: What is being done to increase funding for the Nederland Police Department?

  • In November 2022, all three tax initiatives passed, which helps to increase the revenue for the General Fund. The General Fund includes the Police Department.

Q: Are there plans for a Boulder County Sheriff’s office takeover of the Nederland Police Department?

  • Currently we are focused on rebuilding the local police department.  There is an option for BCSO to take over policing in Nederland if we are unable to adequately staff and fund the local police department.

Q: What is community-oriented policing?

  • Community-oriented policing helps enhance the trust of the public in the police and other law enforcement agencies. Community-oriented policing not only strengthen the bond between police and the community but also enhances the public confidence and community cooperation and the effectiveness and efficiency of police and other law enforcement agencies to protect life, properties, and human rights.

Q: How can community members help?

  • Be supportive of the Ned PD and BCSO officers as we rebuild the local police department.
  • Get the word out that we are hiring.
  • Let the Board of Trustees know what you would like to see in a local police department.

We welcome your comments, questions, and concerns. These can be sent directly to the Town Administrator and/or the Board of Trustees.