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Nederland Police Department - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Monday, August 8th, 2022, 4:46pm

With all the concerns around the present and future of the Nederland Police Department, we've put together this FAQ to address some of the most pressing questions we've received. We will try to keep this updated as more questions and comments come in:

Q: What Police Coverage Do We Currently Have?

  • NPD officers will work Monday - Friday
  • Town's current contract with BCSO covers 10pm - 6am, seven days a week
  • There is supplemental coverage through extra duty BCSO on the weekends

Q: How Many Officers Do We Need To Hire?

  • It is recommended that we have seven officers for the Nederland Police Department
  • This would include one Marshal, two Sergeants, and four full-time Police Officers

Q: What Is Being Done To Recruit and Retain Officers?

  • Increased Wages:
    • Sergeant is now $85,000 - $95,000; $40.87/hr - $45.67/hr (was previously $70,000 - $80,000)
    • Police Officer is now $33.65/hr - $38.46/hr (was previously $24.00/hr - $26.44/hr)
  • Positions are being hosted on multiple platforms, including Indeed, LinkedIn,, and the Town Website

Q: What Is Being Done To Increase Funding for the Nederland Police Department?

  • Increasing salaries budget under a supplemental budget which will be reviewed with the BOT on August 16th, and ideally approved on September 6th
  • The 2023 budget proposal will include additional increases for things like training, vehicles, and equipment
  • Considering asking voters to approve tax (property, sales, and/or marijuana) increase on the November coordinated election ballot

Q: Are There Plans For A Boulder County Sheriff's Office Takeover Of The Nederland Police Department?

  • This is a possible option, if we are unable to adequately staff and fund a local Police Department in the next six months

Q: What Is Community-Oriented Policing?

  • Community-oriented policing helps enhance the trust of the public in the police and other law enforcement agencies. Community-oriented policing not only strengthen the bond between police and the community but also enhances the public confidence and community cooperation and the effectiveness and efficiency of police and other law enforcement agencies to protect life, properties, and human rights

Q: How can community members help?

  • Be supportive of our current officers
  • Get the word out that we are hiring
  • Let the Board of Trustees know if you have any other ideas on how to retain our local Police Department

We welcome your comments, questions, and concerns. These can be sent directly to the Town Administrator and/or the Board of Trustees.