Multimodal Transportation Plan Questions & Responses

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Wednesday, May 17th, 2023, 3:13pm

Below are the responses to the questions the Town of Nederland received regarding the Multimodal Transportation Plan - CDOT MTF M935-008.

Proposals for the Multimodal Transportation Plan RFP are due May 22nd, 2023 by 2pm. Read the full RFP at:

  1. Does the Town anticipate any need for translation and/or interpretation services during the outreach efforts?
    • At this time, the Town does not anticipate needing translation and/or interpretation services during the outreach efforts. With that said, the Town will comply with the laws related to effective communication requirements.
  2. Do you want a breakdown of the fee by task and/or by individual?
    • No, a breakdown of fee by task or individual is not required.
  3. Can resumes be located in an appendix and excluded from the 10 page limit on the Management Plan section of the proposal?
    • Yes, the resumes can be located in an appendix, which would be excluded from the 10 page limit.
  4. Would you like the Executive Summary of the material in the following pages? Or should these 5 pages present new material from the pages following?
    • The Executive Summary should be a summary that is included in the bid packet.
  5. Is there a DBE requirement or DBE percentage goal?
    • There is no DBE percentage goal. The Town is adhering to CDOTs DBE requirements, which are outlined in Exhibit G of the RFP.
  6. Can you please specify exactly how each proposal should be submitted to clarify what is stated in the RFP?
    • The proposals should be submitted in person to Town Hall (45 w 1st St, Nederland, CO 80466), attention Miranda Fisher.

"Each proposal shall consist of one copy in the format specified in this RFP. Proposals are to be submitted on or prior to the Closing Date and Time referenced below via:

  • One (1) copy and one original of the bid packet.
  • Submit signed big addendum(s).
  • Submit a bid packet in a sealed envelope with the bid number and project name in the lower left hand corner of envelope, with the bidders name clearly written on the envelope.

Submit all of the above in a sealed envelope with the bidder's name, bid number, and project name clearly written on the envelope. Failure to submit a proposal in the manner indicated may be cause for it to be considered 'non-responsive' and ineligible for consideration and subsequent award."