May Mayor's Corner Newsletter

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Thursday, May 18th, 2023, 10:18am

It's time for the May edition of the Mayor's Corner newsletter! In these monthly installments, mayor Billy Giblin talks about the recent happenings with the Board of Trustees and Town. Check it out below!


3/7 - We approved the tow Action Items of applying for the Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS) Funds for a Second Bridge, and creating the Public Engagement Manager position. We approved by consent the 3/7 Warrants, 2/21 BOT Meeting Minutes, 2/28 BOT Special Meeting Minutes, Colorado Surplus Asset Fund Trust Investment Resolution, and PROSAB Alternate Appointment K.C. Cunilio, and four NDDA resolutions (Beautification, Public Art, Traffic & Safety, Special Event Funding). We were updated on the plans for Nederdays. We discussed next steps in the updating and improvement of Town Regulations for the Central Business District.

3/21 - Annexation Town Hall to discuss the history of the Boulder County IGA, IGAs and Comp Plans, public feedback on the new Annexation Ordinance, and public input on the BC IGA. In the following regular BOT meeting, we approved the IGA with the Boulder County Sheriff's Office for Law Enforcement at Option B (increased from Option C), Ordinance Amendment for Lot Line Consolidations in the Central Business District requiring as conditions for approval a Planned Unit Development (PUD) for any lot consolidation, Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Grant application, and PROSAB Regular Board Member Appointment Lindsey Ute and Jason Swann. We approved by consent the 3/21 Warrants, 3/7 BOT Meeting Minutes, RFP for Big Springs Egress Study, Comprehensive Plan Funding Approval, and Out-of-Town Utilities Connection Agreement for 879 County Road 128W. We discussed the Streets Equipment Lease Agreement and Parking Development recommendations. Staff reports and BOT reports were shared.

4/4 - In a 5-2 vote, we approved the application for NCBDR LLC to rezone 100 First Street to Central Business District (CBD) from High-Density Residential (HDR), not following the unanimous advice of the Planning Commission to deny the application. Prior to that, we had an Executive Session to receive legal advice related to a compensation study for Town staff. We approved by consent the 4/4 Warrants, 3/21 BOT meeting minutes, TAP Grant resolution, NDDA Covered Bridge Funding, Kinser Membrane Solutions Professional Services Agreement to provide an ultrafiltration (UF) system evaluation for the Water Treatment Plan. We had a presentation from the Nederland Community Library. We also approved the Streets Equipment Lease Agreement and a resolution opposing the statewide land use and zoning preemptions in SB 23-213. We discussed the Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity (RREO) Grant to purchase animal-resistant outdoor composting tumblers for 50 households, Amendments to Election Section of NMC, and Skate Park Ordinance Update.

4/15 - BOT Retreat/Work Session to discuss roles and responsibilities of Mayor and Trustees, and to identify BOT goals.

4/18 - Executive Session to discuss matters related to the Town Administrator position. We approved by consent the 4/18 Warrants, 4/4 BOT meeting minutes, RREO grant to purchase outdoor composting tumblers, and the corrected TAP Grant resolution. We discussed the Town Code Changes for Wastewater Pretreatment, Biosolids Study Update, Meter Code Changes, and Amendments to Election Section of NMC. We approved an Action item to update the Skate Park Ordinance to allow scooters and Razors. Staff reports and BOT reports were shared.

5/2 - We approved an Action Item for a Meter Code Change to credit property owners charged for the replacement of a meter and/or reading device in 2023 and 2022. We approved by consent the 5/2 Warrants, 4/18 BOT Meeting Minutes, Professional Municipal Clerks Week Proclamation, and Backdoor Theatre Lease Agreement. We discussed the Watershed Protection Ordinance, ways to increase Public Engagement about the Housing Needs Assessment, and a review of Town Administrator Salary.

Upcoming Meetings in May/June - Referendum Petition for 100 First Street Rezone, Keeping the Neighborhood Peace, Boulder County Co-Responder IGA, CBD Parking Moratorium Extension, contract for Big Springs Egress Study, Reimagine Destinations E-Bike Program, Advisory Board & Commission Appointments (PC, SAB, PROSAB), Industrial Pre-Treatment, NMC Update Ch. 6 (II, V, X, & XI), Annexation Ordinance Revision, Pump Track Proposal, Compensation Study, Public Engagement Town Hall, Solar Ordinance, Fence Code, NDDA Vacancy Appointment, Rights of Nature, Amendments to Election Section of NMC, BOT Retreat Work Session, and more.

Housing Needs Assessment - In order to better understand Nederland's housing needs, and create changes to code to improve our housing situation, we need your participation in this survey:

PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! We encourage all comments, and we need you to let us know if there are problems. We read all emails, letters, and comments that we receive and weigh them all as we make decisions.

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